The Loves of Cynthia (1972)

Cynthia’s Sister (a.k.a. The Loves of Cyntia) is a rough, depraved piece of nastiness which, even after thirty years, still harbors a grim and dirty edge in spite of the more extreme works that have floated down the sewer since its release. Cynthia Jones (blonde FLANAGAN) is an English supermodel whose career is all but washed-up despite still being ravishingly beautiful. After a scuzzy girly-magazine publisher forces himself onto her in his office (he conveniently has a bed in the corner for just such occasions), then boots her out on her ass without giving her the promised job, Cynthia hurls her portfolio off London Bridge into the River Thames and decides to visit her sister, Tess, who happens to be married to one of Cynthia’s former beaus, the handsome (and filthy rich) Edward.

Arriving at Edward’s country mansion, Cynthia wastes no time in offering her naked charms to Edward who spurns her advances. More than a little insulted, Cynthia turns her attentions to Edward’s brother, Phillip, a horse-loving toff who broods about being denied a larger share of the family fortune. After meeting in the stables and indulging in a little roll in the hay, Cynthia and Edward make a pact to bring Edward and Tess down. Erik, the sleazy-looking grounds keeper, overhears their plans and agrees to help them for a share of the eventual loot as well as the promise of getting into Cynthia’s pants — though she seldom wears them. In fact, she seems to spend 90% of her time wandering around stark naked.

At a party which Edward throws to celebrate Cynthia’s return, she tells Phillip of her plans to spike Tess’ drink with a powerful aphrodisiac. Apparently, Cynthia was given some once and took on every male in the room — which she seems to do throughout this movie without the aid of drugs. Unfortunately for them, their plans are being captured on Edward’s video camera. (Cynthia’s Sister must be one of the earliest exploitation films to prominently feature a camcorder and VCR. Could the producers have guessed that thirty years later we’d be watching their own celluloid atrocity on just such a machine?) Next morning, Cynthia drops a capsule of the love potion into Tess’ coffee and, before long, the poor girl’s got all her gear off and is taking on both Phillip and Erik! Cynthia calls Edward at work and plays his wife’s moans and groans through the phone, explaining that Tess has suffered from long-term nymphomania and belongs in an asylum. Enraged, Edward races home but, just when it seems Cynthia’s plan is working, discovers the incriminating videotape. In a bizarre overreaction, Edward drags Cynthia to the stables, strips her naked, whips her ass (while screaming, “Whore!” and “Cow!”), rapes her from behind, then commands Phillip to finish her off…

Cynthia’s Sister is yet another bull’s-eye scored by distributor HARRY NOVAK. From the 35mm nega