Schulmädchen-Report 3. Teil – Was Eltern nicht mal ahnen (1972)

Impulse Pictues has released Schoolgirl Report Volume #3: What Parents Find Unthinkable, the third film in the infamous German Schoolgirl franchise that was an international sensation in the 1970s. A faux-documentary supposedly warning anxious parents out there about the sexual pitfalls that await their young daughters in the “New Germany,” Schoolgirl Report Volume #3: What Parents Find Unthinkable continues the formula of the first two films, mixing recreations of tired (and in this case, some extremely offensive) sexual fantasies, along with presumably real “man-on-the-street” interviews with Germans answering a series of sex questions that relate directly back to the fictional segments.
The first volume in the Schoolgirl Report was all fairly innocuous and obviously faked with older actresses playing the young girls – as well as most of the so-called “real” people on the streets. Schoolgirl Report Volume #3: What Parents Find Unthinkable leaves most of the comedy behind to present some nasty, offensive scenes that serve to creep out viewers, not entertain them. Amid the “playful students splashing around as they skinny dip” and “the young Lolita tease seducing her boyfriend’s father” sequences that are pretty standard for sexploitation films from this era, there are some rather disturbing scenes of rape-staged-for-titillation.

Director:Walter Boos and Ernest Hofbauer