Liebe unter siebzehn (1971)

Under the pretext of making an investigative film on the issue of early sexuality in the younger generation, the author takes the opportunity to show a lot of beautiful girls naked as mom made them.

The film consists of nine episodes; there is no lack of bizarre, violent or morbid sequences.
A brief description of the episodes:

  1. During a winter sports vacation, Karin, Berbel and Inga have their first sexual experience with local young men. 2. Having run away from home to visit her distant friend, a 15-year-old girl is raped by truck drivers she asked for a ride. 3. Carol, having met Peter occasionally at the tennis gym, becomes his lover. 4. Liza, desiring to know love but fearful of being in the arms of a man, responds to a newspaper advertisement and is initiated by a couple seeking partners for group love. 5. Weilet and Reiner love nature and initiate each other into love in the woods. 6. Brigitte, sickened by life in a commune, ends up in lesbianism with Nathalie. 7. Turiddu, approached by an uninhibited girl, spends the day with her and finally possesses her in the garage at night. 8. Brigitte, an aspiring actress, falls for Adolf’s interested advances and loses the healthy Eric. 9. A girl, made the chance acquaintance at the theater of a rich boy, becomes his mistress and after a year and a half of married life marries him.

This release is a rip of an old Italian vhs. Italian audio only,