Blonds Have More Fun (1979)

Very familiar as a comical porn actor in the early ’70s, John Seeman directed a few comedies, of which BLONDS HAVE MORE FUN is a diverting but routine vehicle.

Familiar premise revolves around a mythical aphrodisiac PQM2-in this case invented by a Prof. Brains (played by an anonymous actor) -It’s initially sold in huckster- fashion at a local health foods store, but ultimately threatens the entire city of San Francisco.

Farcical sex scenes are enlivened by Seeman’s talented cast, including Dorothy LeMay as a fellow professor, lovely loops veteran Suzannah French, reigning porn queen at the time, Jesie St. James, and especially young Lysa Thatcher who steals her scenes including an inevitable orgy. John Leslie is hammy as a degenerate who looks like a bum but has tons of cash to drop at a local brothel. An old lady (Amber Rae) has a semi-nude scene, typical of director Seeman’s emphasis on comedy over strictly sexual content.

Film is obviously low-budget (health foods store’s sign is scrawled by hand rather than a professional job), but film has a joie de vivre that makes it watchable. Especially fun is Seeman’s end credits sequence identifying the cast members with their faces, and throwing himself in too, though he doesn’t appear in the film proper.

  • Scene 1. Jesie St. James, Mick South
  • Scene 2. Suzanne French
  • Scene 3. girl, John Leslie
  • Scene 4. Phaery I. Burd, Fable And Uno
  • Scene 5. Jesie St. James, Mick South
  • Scene 6. Cris Cassidy, Daoud Alar
  • Scene 7. 2 girls, John Leslie
  • Scene 8. Suzanne French, Billy Dee
  • Scene 9. Lisa K. Loring, Lynn Lucas, Lysa Thatcher
  • Scene 10. Anubodh, Gayano
  • Scene 11. Jayne Paygan, guy
  • Scene 12. Diana Holt, Herschel Savage
  • Scene 13. Seka, John Leslie
  • Scene 14. Anubodh, Dorothy Lemay, Lisa K. Loring, Lynn Lucas, Lysa Thatcher, Jayne Paygan, Gayano, Ken Scudder