The Erotic Adventures of Hercules (1971)

Directed by Rik Taziner in 1971. Released in two versions – gay and straight. This is the straight version. Ancient scrolls have been discovered that tell us that Hercules was just a man with feeling and desires just like us. Evil Topar the Titan, leader of the Saracens, has a vendetta against our hero Hercules and wants revenge. He convinces a beautiful young princess to seduce the legendary muscleman so he can make Hercules a prisoner in the dungeon of his castle.

For what it’s worth, I saw the film a few years ago; it was a bad VHS copy and as with some Vinegars, the film had a reddish tinge to it.

Although the % of just fucking is very high, maybe +80%, there are some interesting production values:

There are some panning shots where we see our Hero, the adventurous Hercules, walking along some rocks in a place where the waves are breaking. Then, Hercules conquers a slope and watches the panorama: nothing interesting, just a sea out of focus. Then, if my memory serves me fine, we see the king eating a chicken leg in the most disgusting way possible (sucking his fingers and burping). After swallowing the chicken, the king feels like screwing the lady who is fanning the air for him.
The plot is centered inside that palace and I remember a lot of oral and pretty much regular copulation: no dp, no anals.
Hercules is chained up in the palace (I don’t remember why). But then Hercules breaks loose, ripping off the chains, and goes on a killing spree with a short sword, I think he murders the king’s men when they are asleep, tired after the orgy, or just hungover after the feast. So he frees the women who were enslaved there.

I believe this movie was one of the first where the SAME CAST filmed both the straight and gay versions.
I liked it, I think I would want to see the gay version as well, I like the idea that the actors are ‘professional enough’ to participate in both versions, regardless of their personal preferences. Like John Holmes in his early days.

The final massacre scene is laughable and oddly well done. We see Hercules plunge his sword into the necks of the sleeping men and this looks better than in some non-porn films from the early 70s.

Good source of hairy bushes, natural hippie bodies and cheap prop jewelry. And a Hercules who has no muscles, just a barely stronger than the next guy.