Cameriera senza… malizia (1980)

The truck driver Antonio (Enzo Pulcrano), gets married to Olivia (Marina Hedman), who grew up in a convent. The couple move to a modest apartment. Antonio, with his savings, plans to take over the activity of an inn owned by the curia. Olivia sets to work immediately, enthusiastic about the idea of ​​reopening the hotel / restaurant. When Antonio’s business partner, Giovanni, is instructed to bring a bunch of keys to Olivia, finding her on a ladder to clean the windows, he does not remain indifferent to the graces of his beautiful wife. In fact, later, while Antonio is away on business, he ends up having sex with Olivia, leaving her a “tip”. It is then that the woman thinks of using her charms to help her husband buy the place. With the help of Katia (Laura Levi), sent to support the superior (Guia Lauri Filzi), the restaurant business is booming. ” We were told that you can eat well here. Could you have a room afterwards? We would like to rest “: this is the request of a couple of patrons, who have heard of the good (extra) culinary skills of the maid and owner.

Alternate Titles
Cameriera senza malizia video cover title
Wild Girls West Germany, Relax Video and UVG Video