Come Fly with Us (1974) Shaun Costello

This little movie was my first production effort for Teddy and Tom, the Greeks who owned the Capri Theater on Eighth Avenue. They had been making heavy profits showing the one day wonders I had been making for Star Distributors, and now wanted to make their own movies. They could make back their investment playing the picture for two weeks at the Capri and anything after that would be profit. Come Fly With Us was a Stewardess Buddy Movie, and a big hit for the Greeks. Subsequent to this picture I was to make many movies for them between 1974 and 1977, after which they couldn’t afford me.

  • Scene 1. Pamela Fields, Russ Carlson
  • Scene 2. Linda Lovemore, Eric Edwards
  • Scene 3. Day Jason, Jamie Gillis
  • Scene 4. Day Jason, Bernard Saint John
  • Scene 5. Valerie Marron, Kevin Andre, Leo Lovemore
  • Scene 6. Linda Lovemore, Leo Lovemore, Sonny Landham