Ma mère me prostitue (1982)

Alternate Titles
Die Mädchen vom Place Pigalle West German video on-screen title
Die Mädchen von Pigalle DVD available West German video box title, Beate Uhse, Tabu DVD, 3 mins longer than the French DVD version at 69.30 mins Pigalle Girl Shendene screen title, perhaps the German title
Le Ragazze di Pigalle DVD available Shendene DVD with I LIke to Watch (American)

Nicole Segaud has a daughter who is a keen dancer, but it seems the mother has no money, or maybe she’s a hooker herself as she goes with a man in a limo out into the country where she is raped by a couple of bikers who force the man to watch.

We see the daughter spot an advert saying ‘dancing girls wanted’. The mother takes her to the place which is a peepshow joint run be a very fat man. He explains the work required and gets the daughter to strip, which she doesn’t seem to mind at all.

We then see the daughter performing various sexual activites for clients: naked acrobatics and masturbation on a revolving stage; peeing in her panties for a male client dressed as a doctor; performing in a live sex show on the revolving stage with Gil Lagardère; taking part in a foursome with a man, her mother and Brigitte Verbecq; dressing as a schoolgirl to be caned by a man dressed as a teacher who is in turn caned and fucked by a dominatrix (Isabelle Brell) while the daughter watches and wanks off a young man dressed as a servant; attending on a couple with a black servant and taking part in their orgy; being hired by Olivier Mathot to be gang banged by three tramps while he watches; performing in a porn movie with two males (one is André Kay) and two brunettes (one is Patricia Santos) while her mother watches; performing in another live sex show with Gil but this time in front of several rows of men watched also by the peepshow owner in a top hat.

She falls in love with Gil but the mother disapproves. The daughter takes Gil back to the apartment and they tie her mother to her bed so that they can spend the night together.

We also see the daughter walking in on Gabriel Pontello having sex with Christine Black.