China de Sade (1977)

“The question of multiple audiences (and victims) is taken up again in China de Sade, an explicit parody of Coppola’s Apocalypse Now (1979) which reimagines Colonel Kurtz’s violent excess as a Colonel Krieg’s voyeuristic s/m. The film opens with an arty sex scene between Lt. Ware and Ming Lee (another Vietnamese prostitute), set “Somewhere in Southeast Asia, 1968.” With “primitive” drums on the soundtrack, Ming Lee lies on a bed as she holds a snake over her face; a blond woman with sunglasses and a rifle then forces Ware to straddle Ming so that she can perform fellatio on him. (It’s difficult not to notice the recurrence of this scene as an opening gambit in Vietnam War porn, alluding as it does to specific power positions.) Here the blond woman joins the couple as the drumbeat becomes more frenzied. Sexual fascism is figured as phallic aggression: just as the blond woman pulls a knife from her waistband, we see Ware’s face as he appears to climax, his pleasure registered in a typically “feminine” shot, as opposed to the more familiar sign of masculinity, the “money shot.” – Cynthia J. Fuchs, Film Studies Program, George Mason University

  • Scene 1. Paula Wain, Linda Wong, Blair Harris
  • Scene 2. Tracy O’Neil, Peter Johns
  • Scene 3. Paula Wain, Linda Wong, Tracy O’Neil, Blair Harris
  • Scene 4. Jewell Bryght, Mark Anthony
  • Scene 5. Paula Wain, Tracy O’Neil, Blair Harris
  • Scene 6. Jewell Bryght, Kristine Heller, Linda Wong
  • Scene 7. Linda Wong, Jon Martin
  • Scene 8. Linda Wong, Jon Martin
  • Scene 9. Kristine Heller, Mark Anthony
  • Scene 10. Jewell Bryght, Jon Martin