Siv, Anne & Sven (1971)

Awful! Awful! Awful!
Make no mistake, what goes on is strictly ‘No Holds Barred’!

Siv is a photographer who likes Sven, one of her models. She sleeps with him several times. Ann, Siv’s assistant, is young and pretty and also has her eye on Sven (who really isn’t all that great looking considering he’s a model). Eventually, Sven starts to notice Ann but she turns him away every time he tries to mess around with her. Strangely enough, Siv is able to seduce Ann and they have sex. There is no male nudity in “Love In The 3rd Position” but there are many scenes of a rather tame lesbian orgy sporadically inserted throughout the majority of the film. It pretty much consists of a lot of kissing and playing with each others’ breasts. There are also several shots of topless models.

It is a Swedish production but the actors speak choppy English.
Ripped from a Something Weird Video dvd source.