Arabella l’angelo nero (1989)

Arabella is a nymphomaniac who has sex with any man. One day, her husband, a writer, meets her and another man. She has a strange reaction: kills the lover. Her husband hides the corpse. From that moment on, he encourages her meetings with other men, and writes down the experiences in his new book.

A favorite of bad-movie buffs, this ludicrous thriller concerns a nymphomaniac (Tini Cansino) who visits sleazy sadomasochistic sex clubs at night. Cansino’s foul-tempered husband (Francesco Casale) is supposedly paralyzed following a traumatic oral-sex-related car accident, which also resulted in his emasculation. The scissor-wielding killer could be Cansino, Casale, a lesbian detective whose mother once castrated her father, or Casale’s mother (Ida Galli), who drives through areas frequented by male prostitutes muttering “Hell is Heaven.”