Déculottez-vous mesdemoiselles (1979)

The film opens with Marilyn Jess and Julai Perrin being made to remove their panties by the headmaster.

Then there is an abrupt cut to Dominique Saint Claire (Madame Birch, the owner of the Pensionnat Birch) leading a horse accross a field accompanied by Danièle Troeger. Cut to Jean-Pierre Armand, with curly hair and moustache, driving a bus up to Dominique’s house. He goes in and she plays the dominatrix in a b/g scene dressed in her hacking jacket.

Then we see Marilyn Jess and Ella Rose looking at an old dirty book and masturbating in the toilet. A female teacher, Mlle Angel Mulot (XNK0546) catches them at it and takes them away for a bit of corporal punishment. But there is also a polarodi picture of a man with an erection sticking out of his jeans. This falls to the floor when Marilyn Jess removes her panties, later causing trouble for the teacher. The headmaster sees part of this and then walks in on the female teacher as she dildos herself with the end of the crop. A b/g scene follows. The headmaster, Madame Birch (Dominique Saint Claire) and the teacher discuss the polaroid in the office.

Cut to Marilyn Jess (looking very fetching in black leather trousers) and Julia Perrin dancing cheek-to-cheek with two boys in an empty hall. A foursome develops.

We see Edwige Faillel writhing on a bed and dreaming – cut to sepia-tinted flashback, revealing the source of the pornographic prints the girls have been looking at, of a girl (XNK0125) at a photographer’s. She is reluctant to pose and his maid/assistant (Elisabeth Buré) helps hold her down while he removes her pantaloons and then spanks her. This turns into a b/g session with the maid and the girl is dismissed, but she turns back to watch.

Back in the head’s office, Mlle Mulot seems to be writing a resignation letter.

On the bus Danièle Troeger in drum majorette’s uniform seduces Jean-Pierre Armand, a second majorette, Mika Barthel, joins in. But Madame Birch is watching jealously and drags Jean-Pierre and Mika off to her house. She forces them to have sex while she watches. Danièle Troeger also sneaks up and watches through the French window, frigging herself with her baton.

Melody Bird and Edwige Faillel have a g/g session with the help of a double dildo.

Another flashback and the Edwardian girl (XNK0125) is about to play tennsi with a young man. They begin to make love instead, but he is put off by the stripes on her backside. Elisabeth Buré appears and briefly consoles her, but then we see her taking on the young man and the photographer across the net of the tennis court.

Alternate Titles
Pensionat heißblütiger Teens DVD available Ribu DVD
Skolflickor Sweden, Emotion Film