Le Déclic (1985)

When medical researcher Dr. Fez discovers a device that stimulates and controls sexual behavior in laboratory mice, he knows he’s on to something that could change the world. Or at least improve his own sex life. But first, he must put his invention to the ultimate test… on living breathing, 100% luscious women! It’s a rollicking romp of wild abandon with some of the world’s most beautiful women. Why dream, when you can be turned on ?
Le déclic (The trigger mechanism) is based on a series of softcore graphic novels by the master of erotic comic art, Milo Manara. I have had the pleasure of reading some of his works and they are, indeed, very erotic. The movie, alas, fails to reach the same level of eroticism depicted by the master. Nonetheless, it’s still worth a watch thanks to French actress Florence Guérin, who is quite a looker, and, of course, her delectable body.

There are three different versions of The Click: the theatrical release in Europe that contains images from the comic to enhance the story. A version released in U.S. theaters in 1993 [The Turn On] contains some new scenes to increase the humour and erotic aspects of the story although the running time is 8 min shorter. The DVD released in France in late 2010 re-edits the original film and changes the sequences of scenes actually making it more logical and engaging. In the end, however, the film differs sharply from the work of Manara, changing the relationship between the characters and altering the original ending.  Although the film is still quite interesting, this new ending is trite and especially poorly managed, and certainly can not save a film that is still worth viewing, in any version you can find. The movie is filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana, and the beauty of that city greatly adds to the production.