La seta ibérica (1982)

Director: Enrique Jiménez Pereira. Writer: Enrique Jiménez Pereira. One of the obscurest entries in the Spanish softcore film, viewed by very few people and deservedly so, this starts and develops in the manner of Zabalza’s Bragas calientes: first we get a joke cod-documentary, promising a sex comedy, but what follows is dour and death-related, despite the odd intervention by the quasi-obligatory gay comedy relief (Fabián Conde). It’s all about a businessman (Alfredo Calles, the slobbish lead of Aured’s La frigida y la viciosa) who withdraws into his villa with three women (one of them is Raquel Evans) and has lots, and lots, and lots of sex with them until they literally fuck him to death. End of movie. Here, as in other films, sex leads to death. Or to an overdose, such as may overtake viewers of the films itself. The title translates as “the Iberian mushroom” and there is bullfighting music in the soundtrack of this misogynistic oddity, whose voiceover starts out by comparing female genitalia with poisonous mushrooms, in deference to what is presumably an intended clientele of men who both hate and are obsessed with sex.