La compagna di banco (1977)

Director: Mariano Laurenti
Studio: Dania Film

Starring: Lilli Carati, Gianfranco D’Angelo, Alvaro Vitali, Antonio Melidoni, Lino Banfi, Francesca Romana Coluzzi, Gigi Ballista, Stefano Amato, Ermelinda De Felice, Nikki Gentile, Paola Maiolini, Nando Paone, Brigitte Petronio, Susanna Schemmari, Vittorio Stagni

—Simona Girardi, a beautiful eighteen-year-old high school student, moves to Trani, the picturesque seaport of Apulia, in southern Italy, to continue her studies in the local Mamiani Lyceum. But, before long, dark-haired Simona catches the eye of the notorious skirt-chaser and handsome Casanova of class 3B, Mario D’Olivo, who sets her sights on seducing her. As Simona’s classmates become jealous, trying to warn her that Mario will abandon her once he gets what he wants, she decides to ridicule him by teaching the arrogant lover boy a lesson he won’t forget. However, this is a dangerous game, and much to her surprise, Simona realises that Mario is not so bad after all. Is this the beginning of an unexpected youthful romance?
—Lilli Carati plays a high school student being pursued by a very persistent young man in this Italian sex-comedy.

Alternative Titles:
Susse Sechzehn – Sweet Sixteen
The Schoolmate