The Invitation (1975)

We kick things off with this orgy of depravity with the exploitation gem, Invitation to Ruin. This box set could not have begun with a better, or more corrupt, film. Invitation to Ruin is so much more than just a hardcore adult film. Exploitation and violence is rampant throughout and even torture is inserted towards the climax. Invitation to Ruin was shot in 1968 as a softcore sexploitation feature during the era when softcore sexploitation was at its peak before the incipient tsunami of hardcore pornography would soon render the softcore genre a vestige of its former glory. Invitation to Ruin was re-released in 1975 under the title ‘The Invitation,’ promising contemporary viewers of the film graphic hardcore sex inserts in the erotic tradition of the Marquis De Sade. This hardcore version of the film was shown among the trillion other roughies inside adult theatres and shocked audiences with its added scenes of corruption and vice.