Blue Jeans (1982)

John Christopher was a grinder – shooting lots of footage and then releasing a lot of films from the raw material. He didn’t focus on crafting a single, quality picture, and BLUE JEANS is typical of the run-of-the-mill (pun intended) results.

the story of hijinks in the fashion industry is loaded with pointless twists and turns involving busty Brooke Bennett (very alluring here, in shower or in bed), very sexually active secretary Sharon Kane and others. The format is farce, but it isn’t funny.

Most interesting subplot (perhaps reflexive on the filmmakers’ part) involves Sharon Mitchell strung out on cocaine who has a lesbian sex scene with her sister. Later Mitch puts pot in the ragu Ron Jeremy (csst as a Hispanic houseboy) is cooking, causing everyone at a party to get high, A happy ending of heroine Bennett driving away with dreamboat Jerry Butler is forced.

As Brooke’s husband, the little-known David Messa’s poor acting sinks the film; one suspects that Christopher was aware of it but in porn you don’t have the luxury of replacing a star (a la substituting Michael J. Fox for Eric Stoltz in the most famous major modern case).