Femmina (1998)

A beautiful wife of good social standing falls into a flaming passion with a young man. Sooner than expected, she will be unable to terminate the liaison. It will follows that her husband is not wanted. And you can be sure she’s not considering divorce as a solution. Written by master screenwriter Giuseppe Patroni Griffi, “Femmina” (“Woman”) tells a story claiming to explore vortex of the “amour fou”, but proving to be only an unplausible and boring softcore. Stage actress Monica Guerritore – at her nth movie of such kind – does her utmost in several sexual intercourses with her young lover, but she acts like a jazz musician who fails to reach flareup. No intensity. No rapture. No carnality. But most of the fails of this beat-the-air movie falls on Director Giuseppe Ferlito, who showed unable to be wide awake at the wheel. Reasons why Mrs Guerritore chooses such roles remain an impenetrable mystery.

Married with dependent children, the restless Sylvia (Monica Guerritore) falls in love the young Aloisi (Roberto Farnese) and agrees with her lover a diabolical plan: the elimination of her husband. But unforeseen implications overturn the evil intentions of the lovers. Among yellow, eroticism and drama of the same idea Guerritore, Giuseppe Patroni Griffi scripted a film only partially successful as late example of a genre very popular in the late ’60s and much better represented by the films of Lenzi and Warriors . Remarkable, however, the identification of Guerritore.