Classical Romance (1984)

Frustrated musician Eric (an excellent and engaging performance by Paul Thomas) tickles the ivories at a local piano bar on a nightly basis. After meeting and becoming instantly smitten with the beautiful Laura (an appealing portrayal by the ravishing Jacqueline Lorians), Eric embarks on a journey of erotic self-discovery. However, Eric must ultimately decide between following his heart and realizing his full musical potential or simply spending his life indulging in carnal pleasures.

Director Richard Mailer keeps the absorbing story moving at a steady pace and handles the premise in a thoughtful and sincere manner. Will Kelly’s sensitive script presents two main characters who are both well defined and likable. Thomas and Lorians make for attractive and sympathetic leads, with a strong central chemistry which totally sells the mutual affection and infatuation they feel for each other. The sex scenes are quite lively, explicit, and arousing: Scorching highlights include a tasty threesome and Laura’s slimy husband Charles (Herschel Savage in peak sleazy form) having a torrid tryst with his mistress Vicki (insanely cute Bunny Blue). Moreover, the smoldering presences of such lovely ladies as the enticing Desiree Lane, yummy Valerie Love, and the adorable Renee Summers provides plenty of extra sizzle. Robert Chappe’s polished cinematography gives this picture a nice sparkling look. A satisfying hardcore outing.

  • Scene 1. Valerie LeVeau, David Cannon
  • Scene 2. Desiree Lane, Paul Thomas
  • Scene 3. Bunny Bleu, Herschel Savage
  • Scene 4. Cynthia Brooks, David Cannon
  • Scene 5. Desiree Lane, Renee Summers, Paul Thomas
  • Scene 6. Jacqueline Lorians, Paul Thomas
  • Scene 7. Desiree Lane, Don Hodges
  • Scene 8. Lisa Lake, Herschel Savage