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Oh! Rebuceteio (1984)

A hardcore parody of the Broadway stage hit “A Chorus Line” that had just been staged in Brazil for the first time: A group of young actors will do anything to be in a play.
CAST: Elizabeth Bacelar, Ronaldo Amaral, Jaime Cardoso, Cleide Cunha, Lia Farrel, Peri Ornellas, Inês Kalafi, Vinicius Kruger and Débora Muniz.

There are few not-porn movies with script, real actors and really explicit sex scenes. My favorite is Caligula (Tinto Brass), and this Brazilian movie is another one in this genre i’ve seen. Pasolini tried to make this kind of movie, but it’s not the same. This particular genre where I classify “Caligula” and “Oh! Rebuceteio”, brings us sex in a natural way. We really know it is not a porn movie. Sexploitation is different too. Rebuceteio is not aggressive, has no BSDM and no other kind of bizarre sex. It’s just a normal and serious movie with explicit sex scenes. The first time i watched the film (by accident – i was just zapping my cable TV), it was in the middle of the history. I was surprised, because it wasn’t in an adult channel, but in a Brazilian movies channel, normal movies channel. I didn’t know, till that day, Brazil produced this genre. Few months after that, i found it in VHS and finally watched from the beginning. Since that, i’ve researched this amazing genre, but, what a pity, there are few movies like that.

Oh!Rebuceteio is a very curious Brazilian film. It’s a hardcore movie (has plenty of explicit sex scenes) with plot and substance, like the old hardcore movies of the 70’s used to be… I suppose this kind of cinema wasn’t very used anymore in the middle 80’s, when this movie was done, but even so the film fits perfectly in this genre.
The plot is all about a theatrical play, called “Rebuceteio” (it’s a Brazilian Portuguese word that doesn’t exist in European Portuguese, but in the movie its meaning is said as “big confusion”), and its essays. The entire movie is just that. We start following, since the beginning, one main character, “Leticia”, and her dream to become a Star in the Show business. We see their performances (which are the sex scenes) and the director’s (Nene Garcia, played by Claudio Cunha) opinion about that. This kind of film, which has a plot based on the stage performances, was very common in the middle 80’s, even in the USA. We can remember, for example, the TV series FAME…
Anyway, it’s a very interesting film (and I would say original too), which its main motive is sex, we cannot deny it, but has equally some cinematographic substance either. Nevertheless, its acting could have been better, since it was kind of amateurish in some crucial parts.