Scharfe Teens (1979)

  • Scene 1. Francoise Beccarie, Laure Cottereau
  • Scene 2. Barbara Moose, Michel Barot
  • Scene 3. Barbara Moose, Cathy Stewart
  • Scene 4. Catherine Tailleferre, girl, Laurence Rivoal, Rosemary de Angelis, Carmelo Petix
  • Scene 5. Barbara Moose, France Lomay, Nadine Scant, Jean-Luc Ferre, Michel Barot, Raymond Ximay
  • Scene 6. Cathy Stewart, Dominique Irissou
  • Scene 7. Barbara Moose, Richard Lemieuvre
  • Scene 8. Cathy Stewart, Guy Royer, Richard Lemieuvre
  • Scene 9. Cathy Stewart, Charlie Schreiner
  • Scene 10. Barbara Moose, Richard Lemieuvre
  • Scene 11. Brigitte Lahaie, Cyril Val

Also Known As Les Vacances de Marie et Sophie (original soft version) , Les Deux gamines, Heisse Teens …in allen Betten Herzog DVD, Heisse Teens in allen Betten Herzog on-screen title

Two teenagers tell each other of their first love affairs. The first one remembers that boy on the isle of Leyrins. The second one tells about her godfather who owned a private hospital. They are sent home from the boarding school after being caught at night by the headmistress. Some extracts from Blondes humides and Jeunes couples déchaînés have been added along with ones from unidentified films.

From a review originally published in La Saison Cinematographique 1981, translated by Prophilo.

Two brunettes (XNK7026 and XNK7027) make love in a boarding school bedroom. Sophie (Cathy Stewart and Marie (Barbara Moose) spy through the keyhole then run back to Sophie’s room as a schoolmistress (XNK7028, non-sex) arrives and discovers the brunettes, one of whom is sent off to her own room. The footage of Cathy Stewart and Barbara Moose is intercut with footage from a soft version of Les Collègiennes which was possibly unfinished and unreleased, being replaced by an unauthorised hard version where the two brunettes and the schoolmistress were replaced by Nadine Scant, France Lomay and Rosemary de Angelis.

We then see Sophie and Marie in Sophie’s room, There is then a flashback (a tale related by Marie?) – Barbara Moose, France Lomay and Nadine Scant go to a pop concert. Barbara Moose tries to get off with the singer (Jean-Luc Ferré), but after going down on her he sneaks out of the room and is replaced by one of his band members who has sex with her. This is archive footage from Jeunes couples déchaînés.

We see Sophie and Marie in the garden of the school. They are called inside by Lucette Gill, the principal. Guy Royer has a meeting with Lucette Gill about his god-daughter Sophie. This is spied on by Marie from a ladder.

Sophie leaves with her god-father who apparently takes her to a large mansion where they watch origastic goings on. These are provided by footage from Initiation perverse involving Carmelo Petix, Catherine Tailleferre, Nicia, XNK7029 and others who could not be seen clearly. There is an orgy, mainly lesbian apart from Petix, on the lawn, dancing by pool at night (Catherine Tailleferre and Nicia) intercut with footage of Cathy Stewart and Guy Royer.

Marie writes a letter to Sophie and relates another visit to the pop concert where Barbara Moose, France Lomay and Nadine Scant gang up on the singer and have their wicked way with him and another two band members (including Raymond Ximay). Presumably this is from Jeunes couples déchaînés again.

Sophie meets her boyfriend Dominique Irissou in a church while Marie keeps watch. Lucette Gill catches them on their way out.

Guy Royer suggests they both come and work in his clinic as nurses. This allows the use of archive footage from Cuisses en délire, Blondes humides also used in Bouches expertes of Cathy Stewart, Barbara Moose, Brigitte Lahaie, Richard Lemieuvre, Charly Schreiner and Cyril Val, intercut with archive footage of Cathy Stewart with Guy Royer from Oh, les petites starlettes.

Sophie is about to quit the nursing job when her boyfriend Joël (Dominique Irissou) is brought in – happy reunion. Fin.

The French version is a slightly different edit from the German one (from which the above account derives). The scene in which a reporter interviews the three girls on their way to the concert is missing. Instead we have later a very long scene which is missing from the German version: Cathy Stewart and Irissou take a boat to the Lerins Islands. The travelogue ends up hardcore. (Thanks to skin flick for this additional information.)