Projection privée (Private Screening) (1973)

“Complications abound in this French film, which tells the story of a filmmaker (Jean-Luc Bideau) who is attempting to put his real life into a movie; his interactions with the people in the movie he is filming create reverberations in his “real” life, although the past remains unchanged. Among the complications is his growing regard for the woman who plays his cinematic wife (Jane Birkin). She may wind up replacing his actual wife in real life. One of the highlights of this film is the insight it gives into the actual mechanics of filmmaking.”

Once again, the only review i could find in English on the net comes from our IMDB lord

“This is François Leterrier’s last interesting film after “les Mauvais Coups” and “Un Roi Sans Divertissement”.This movie was a flop ,it was screened on TV two years after it was theatrically released,which was very rare in France of the seventies .It has a good cast:Jacques Weber(who was excellent in Boisset’s “RAS” the precedent year),Françoise Fabian,Jane Birkin,Jean-Luc Bideau,and ,for those whose like “intellectual” “meaningful” “deep ” acting,Rivette’s darling Bulle Ogier.

A director wants to film a dark episode of his own life,when his then-wife died in a car crash.But his current wife is afraid that the story may repeat itself.”The cinema is an imitation of life ,and life an imitation of the cinema ” Leterrier dixit. “

Jane Birkin nude.

Actors: Jane Birkin