La dottoressa del distretto militare (1976)

Edwige Fenech has a great body (as well as a great face to go with it). And she has never been too shy about on-screen nudity. Therefore, a bad film is not worth sitting through just to see Edwige naked – you should try to find one that you can like (or at least tolerate), where her nudity will just be a bonus. “The Lady Medic” is very bad indeed. It is set in a military hospital where the new recruits try to fake all sorts of illnesses to avoid reporting for active duty. There is not much more plot than that, and the comedy is vulgar and unfunny. Basically it revolves around urine, but there is also a “taste” of feces, farts, fatness, genitals, etc. Pure class, I tell you. Near the end, the supposedly “charming” hero shows Edwige how much he “loves” her by practically attacking her!

Actors: Edwige Fenech