L’infirmière (1978)

Director: Gerard Kikoine
Studio: La Persane Productions

Starring: Agnes Lemercier, Marie-Dominique Cabanne, Patrice Cheron, Gilbert Servien, Michele d’Agro, Jean-Louis Vattier, Joel Charvier, Alban Ceray, Marion Schultz, Daniel Bellus, Dominique Aveline, Franck, Natalie Perrey, Guy Bonnafoux, Herve Amalou

Agnès Lemercier is a private nurse who specializes in being hired by wives to hasten the deaths of their old or infirm husbands. Following her latest successful assignment, she is off to the French countryside to care for crusty ailing millionaire Charles who makes life miserable for all around him.

This is one of Gérard Kikoïne best films. The screenplay is by Claude Mulot. Although the title of this copy of the film is L’infirmière, it is also known as Entrechattes.

Alternate Titles
Engel der Lust Germany, Beate Uhse, Tabu DVD
L’Infirmière re-release title, VHS 75 mins, DVD Blue One, 72 mins., with Prison tres speciale pour femmes and Bourgeoise et… pute
The Nurse Private Nurse USA, same film?