Buone notizie (1979)

Director: Elio Petri
Studio: Medusa Distribuzione

Starring: Giancarlo Giannini, Angela Molina, Aurore Clement, Paolo Bonacelli, Ombretta Colli, Ritza Brown, Franco Javarone, Filippo De Gara, Gianni Baghino, Ninetto Davoli

Description: An anonymous official of a Roman television company spends his working hours watching six televisions installed in his office, which transmit only news of various attacks and misfortunes, and grieving at his poor success with the women. He is also exasperated with his sexually repressed wife Fedora, a teacher. One day, after fifteen years he finds an old friend, Gualtiero, a teacher. The man is convinced that he has mysterious enemies determined to kill him. When he meets Gualtiero’s nymphomaniacal wife Ada, who is always on the outlook for some kinky sex, she convinces him to put her husband to a clinic for the treatment, and it is right there Gualtiero is killed. Upon returning from the cemetery, where Fedora melted into tears on his friend’s coffin, he learns that she is pregnant with Gualtiero.

Alternative Title:
Good News

Actors: Ángela Molina