Les jours et les nuits d’Eva Blue (1979)


The late Francis Leroi, who passed away from cancer in 2002, was one of French adult cinema’s rare artists (Gérard Kikoïne and, possibly, Claude Mulot a/k/a “Frédéric Lansac” might also be deserving of this moniker) rather than a solid artisan such as his equally renowned compatriots Claude-Bernard Aubert a/k/a “Burd Tranbaree” and Jean-Claude Roy a/k/a “Patrick Aubin”. Perhaps to keep matters interesting to himself, he was forever tinkering with tried and tested genre formulas, incorporating influences from world cinema – the French are nothing if not movie lovers – as well as classic erotic literature. Just an example of each. Louis Malle’s scandalous PRETTY BABY, introducing a very under age Brooke Shields in various states of undress, inspired one of his most popular films, PETITES FILLES AU BORDEL, which finally delivered on Malle’s feature-length and nowadays surprisingly unwholesome teasing. On a more idiosyncratic note, his sulfurous DECULOTTEZ-VOUS MESDEMOISELLES, directed under the “Jim Clack” pseudonym, offered an unholy mix of the Comtesse De Ségur with themes and imagery more commonly associated with the Marquis De Sade
Alternate Titles
100 Ans de X Canal Plus title
The Hidden Vices of Eva Blue Alpha France English title
Les Jours et les nuits d’Eva Blue Alpha France video, 1 hr 14 mins., also a Canal Plus title
Jours et Nuits d’Eva Blue
Perversions secrètes Alpha France, video reissue title
Les Vices caches d’Eva Blue Blue One DVD, 1 hr. 2 mins., with Petities filles au bordel and Couples voyeurs & fesseurs
Jouissances perverses

Beatrice Lancel
Jenny Feeling as Eva Paurey
Lucie Doll
Micheline Aventi
Mika Barthel as Mika
Morgane as Marianne Fournier