Justine: In the Heat of Passion (1996)

Justine is a precocious teenage student and Professor Robson is a facility member at the Topacre Academy for gifted young girls. Justine along with several of the other girls are infatuated with the be-speckled but handsome Professor. Justine, who is ostensibly a virgin, and the Professor seem to get dragged into one international quest after another and while Justine manages, to her chagrin, (she desires to be de-flowered by the Professor) to remain innocent, her dreams and fantasies do not.

Justine and the Professor manage to get involved with a group of bad guys in each adventure, usually with Justine being captured but never violated, even while, people all around her, good and bad, are engaging in sex, which, by the way, Justine often watches

Although Justine never physically takes part in any of the numerous sex scenes, she has a vivid imagination and occasionally gets seduced in one of her dreams. Her spunky roommate Ursula (Kimberly Rowe) and house mother, Madame Souvray (Jennifer Behr) are both sexually active and are often portrayed in simulated sex situations, as are the various nefarious ladies depicted in each film.

positives: Beautiful people, good casts, excellent bodies, well done, though not overly suggestive sex scenes, atmospheric cinematography, a bouncy, somewhat jocular quality.
negatives: low budget and it shows, weak plots/stories, sex scenes seem sanitized (dispassionate), mediocre acting, limited features.