Luz Del Fuego (1982)

Director: David Neves
Studio: Morena Filmes, Sky Light Cinema

Sarring: Lucelia Santos, Walmor Chagas, Joel Barcellos, Ivan Candido, Helber Rangel, Marcos Soares, Jalusa Barcelos, Lais Chamma, Wilson Grey, Guilherme Karam, Carlos Kroeber, Monique Lafond, Itala Nandi, Nildo Parente, Paulao.

—The old man and former senator Joao Gaspar (Walmor Chagas), tell his romance with Luz Del Fuego (Lucelia Santos) to his nurse, while traveling to the “Ilha do Sol” (“Island of the Sun”). In the end of the forties, he meets the show-girl Luz del Fuego, who becomes his lover. Ahead of time, she shocks the conservative Catholic Brazilian society with her costumes of being naked most of the time, and when she moves to the “Ilha do Sol”, a property of her own, it became a nudism colony.
The biography of controversial Brazilian artist Luz del Fuego (her artistic name), highlighting her eccentric lifestyle and public manifestations. As in the film, she is best remembered for being ahead of her time, and for her public outcry (also the movie’s tagline): Todo Mundo Nu! (Everyone get naked!). She was also an ardent activist of nudism, in an era where nudism was not exactly embraced
—While riding a motorboat along Guanabara Bay, Gaspar, an elderly senator, tells the nurse that between the 50’s and 60’s he became involved with an exotic dancer, Luz Del Fuego, who adopted this stage name when she saw the name on the lid of a man’s lipstick. As an adult and in the magazine theater, she participates in a choir of stars and is arrested for the first time for a violent assault. In jail he befriends a reporter, Indalecio, and a gay, Agildo, who would be attached to her forever. Debut in the theater completely naked, wrapped in snakes. Success spawns a roundtable on TV, consisting of a priest, a star, a delegate, and the president of the Animal Protection League. At this time she was involved with Gaspar, married politician, who was campaigning for the Senate. Gaspar is honored by Luz, who gives him a kiss on the mouth publicly, but is nonetheless elected. At the height of fame Luz sells his beautiful mansion, which had been given to him by Gaspar, leaves the theater and …

Actors: Monique Lafond