The ABC of Love and Sex: Australia Style (1978)

Plot: The film opens with giant alphabet blocks, and a general introduction, then begins to move through the alphabet: “A” is for ANATOMY – discusses the external and obvious differences between males and females. “B” is for BIRTH – also mentions bed and breastfeeding. An interview with Swedish sexologist Maj-Briht Bergström-Walan is shown as well, regarding sex education. “C” is for CONTRACEPTION – includes discussion on the rhythm method and use of the pill, alongside diaphragms, IUDs, condoms and spermicidal cream. “D” is for DREAMS – Dr Alfred Kinsey is cited, alongside the role of the mind and erotic fantasies (e.g. sex in public places) in sexual fulfilment. “E” is for EROTIC – examines forms of erotica, such as films and literature are mentioned, as well as aphrodisiacs, alcohol, sensual massage, and lingerie. E is also for erogenous zones. “F” is for FUN – says that sex should be for enjoyment, play, intimacy, and bonding. Other keywords include food and freedom. “G” is for GENITALS…

The ABC of Love and Sex: Australia Style
The ABC of Love and Sex
Ask ve Seksin Alfabesi: Avustralya Tarzi
The ABC of Love & Sex: Australia Style

Picture if you will a class of little girls and boys, and their teacher, presented as clay figures as if the makers of The Wombles were in town. This is a funny scene as our eyes and knowledge about sex is really about to be expanded and what better way as if through the alphabet. This includes lesbianism, masturbation, and even RAPE. I couldn’t believe that when we reached the letter P, prostitution wasn’t mentioned. We do skip a letter here and there, though. What we got here is a fun documentary, that never bores, with actors so cheesy they’re funny, if perfect, and that’s what bad acting is, funny, as is some of the male V.O.’s dialogue. One scene has a couple in bed, and when you think the middle aged male is gonna pull out his schlong, he pulls out a bunch of roses.

There’s a blonde hottie, who looks great, fully stark, massaging the biggest blown up penis I’ve ever seen. John Michael Howson, a favorite with John Lamond, plays a gay party crasher in biker gear where he makes this hilarious remark, typical of his mouth. What really cheesed me off about this movie was the dance sequence, amidst the big letter blocks, used at the start and it’s finish that was just warranted, if bloody annoying. We even have a overseas sex expert give her opinion on the subject. Overall this documentary, a popular hit at the drive in, is a fun way to kill 76 minutes, and Lamond fan, like I am (although Breakfast in Paris nearly bored me to tears) do recommend this for couples in the mood, or for people who just want a good laugh. It’s funnier than a few bad comedies, I’ve seen, I can tell ya. And remember, couples that play together stay together. An all true line for most of it’s worth.

This documentary comes across as something you might have seen in a progressive sex ed class in the ’70s. It gives you a few facts and is extremely dull. If you’re expecting something along the lines of a soft porn movie then you’ll be disappointed. If you’re expecting to learn a lot of interesting things about sex then you’ll be disappointed. Plenty of nudity but nothing too steamy (except for a couple of good looking young women making out on a bed together.) I was surprised that they had a very liberal stance on homosexuality but then proceeded to portray all gay guys as flamboyant queens or cross-dresser.