Coups de coeur: Troublante voisine (1993)

Director: Raoul Chenille
Studio: Raspail & Associes

Starring: Sarah Czernin, Yves Contreloup, Sylvia Romain, Pierre Lammern, Louise Treamont, Pierre Laborde, Cynthia Van Damme.

Description: Michel is a young shy student who is staying with a young couple in an apartment and with the help of a telescope, watches sexy Catherine, a young woman who lives in the apartment opposite. One day, when she shares a moment of intimacy with François, her boyfriend, Michel realizes that Francis is a pervert who makes Catherine undergo the most abominable outrages. Not knowing what to face he decides to speak to his friend Simon, who simply advises him to meet the daughter of his court, and to inform him of the nature of his feelings. Gathering all his courage, and ignoring his shyness, Michel decides to meet Catherine, but will he succeed in seducing her?

Alternative Title:
Lovestruck: Love Through a Looking Glass