Gymno fotomodelo (1978)

Alternate Titles
Anomala thilika Greek hard version (fake credits: director Nassos Spyris & Elite Films production), c. 73 mins. English translation: ‘Perverted Females’.
Fotomodelo alternative title of Greek soft version
Gimno fotomodelo alternative rendering in the Roman alphabet
Gymno fotomodello
Neaniko Sex alternative title (VHS only) of Greek hard version. English translation: ‘Juvenile Sex’.
Sweet Sexual Awakening UK title? (Or may be the UK title of another film by this director.)
The Young Tycoon Title for international release of soft version.

Tina is fascinated during her vacation with young shipowner Pavlos Dellis, who actually spends his time only with prostitutes, and arranges to get in his bed. When a prostitute is found dead, things get complicated.