Érections (1976)

Alternate Titles
Breakfast Lovers West Germany Erection Blue Italy Die geile Nachbarin UVG video, very misleading credits on box cover Parties carées re-issue title

Jacques Marbeuf is married to Gilda and has to leave her for a month since he is to instruct Japanese girls how to fly a plane. Before going, he offers her a dildo and asks their maid Marie to take care of ‘madame’. The two women, under the husband’s guidance, quickly learn how to use the thing. ‘Monsieur’ leaves and ‘Madame’ meets her young and very shy neighbour on the way back from the station. His name is Jacques and he tells her his father often watches her with binoculars. The friendly woman invites him for dinner.

While sunbathing, Gilda teases the men who are watching her in spite of the wife/mother’s disapproval (XNK2198).

On the way to Gilda’s place, the father reveals his intention to his son – he will seduce the beautiful woman, or rather, they will both try, and the winner takes the girl. But meanwhile, Gilda has already set her mind on the son and asked her maid to take care of the father.

When they reach their destination, both men are warmly welcomed. But Gilda picks up the son and the father, after a little time on his own, finds solace between the maid’s legs. Then the four of them join together in Madame’s bedroom.

Back home, the father makes it with his wife who is a bit surprised (but not for too long) to see him so horny. In his bedroom, Jacques remembers his delightful evening. Both men are haunted by Gilda’s voice.

‘Monsieur’ calls his wife. He is busy with a Japanese girl (Eva Quang) and asks Gilda to make it with the maid (and a cucumber) while on the telephone. Husband and wife come together on each side of the planet. A happy liberated couple indeed – the great idea in many early French porn films.