Das französische Frühstück (1984)

Director: Jurgen Enz (as Bert Haid)
Studio: Commerz Film, Pierre Films, Pierson Productions

Starring: Jurgen Bigalkes, Dorle Buchner, Siggi Buchner, Alban Ceray, Ursula Gaussmann, Gerhard Hartig, Christine Schwarz, Herbert Warnke, Rolf Zigan.

Description: The film shows the incredible story of three young girls who advance through peculiar circumstances to international movie stars. Annabelle, a teenager from the port area gets through wild nights of love with a film producer the lead role in a large-scale sexy movie. Marianne is a medical student makes as hostesses unexpectedly their way to the young sexy actress. Susanne, a bitch out of the station quarter, was contacted by a photographer who wants to make her daring photos. But it turns out that the photographer also happens to be pimps and girls Dealer …