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Sexdance Fever (1984)

One of three porn versions of supremely silly – though fairly impossible to actively dislike – mainstream hit FLASHDANCE to come along in 1984 (the others being Ken Gibb’s FLESHDANCE – hands down the best of the lot – and, at the other end of the quality spectrum, Eve Milan’s FLASH PANTS !), this pretty much delivers the goods for true blue porn fans, mostly thanks to an attractive all star cast. Credited director is one “Alex Robbins”, a thinly disguised masculine form of longtime helmer David Fleetwood’s favored pseudonym “Adele Robbins”. Grating synth soundtrack aside (a common gripe in both porn and mainstream scores at the time), production values are solid if not sumptuous.

Plot has struggling designer Pamela Mann (billed as “Pamela Anderson”) trying to get the attention of legit Hollywood studios while making ends meet as a seamstress at a down market strip joint. Juggling run-ins with tempestuous dancer Lupe LaCola (Toni Renee who went on to minor fame in straight to cable fare) and a budding relationship with the bar’s choreographer (Eric Edwards), she ultimately makes good on her dream. Story stops and starts with regular intervals for decent if unspectacular sex. Mann and Edwards had already shown terrific chemistry in Hal Freeman’s X-FACTOR and pretty much provide the hottest moments. Platinum blonde cult siren Desiree Lane (of DARK ANGEL fame) devours first Ron Jeremy then Herschel Savage in one of the more spirited runners-up and also assists in the films flat-out funniest bit involving a remote-controlled vibrating egg oddly prefiguring John Cameron Mitchell’s justly celebrated SHORTBUS. Say no more.

Tanya Lawson on the other hand is wasted even if she does share another tryst with then boyfriend Jeremy who, according to documentary PORN STAR, never really got over her. Tara Aire (BABE, and I don’t mean the pig flick !) and Cara Lott (sole female star of Tom De Simone’s BI-COASTAL) take on a very youthful Marc Wallice in the storage room. Too little-seen Diva (star of Frazer and Svetlana’s SURRENDER IN PARADISE) is the pillow-breasted brunette with Jesse Adams. While none of these scenes will raise viewer temperature to boiling point, they bear watching if just for the participants.