Une jeune fille si charmante (1993)

Director: Servais Mont
Studio: Isatae, M6

Starring: Cecile Fleury, Sabine Tingry, Pierre Laplace, Herve Boucher, Myriam Nedellec
—After a disappointment in her relationship, Anna, a young provincial girl, finds work in Paris with a handsome architect, Vincent, with whom she quickly falls in love. Lou, Vincent’s wife, adopts a curious behavior. She does not let Anna know anything about the suavity of her anatomy, nor about the perversity of the relationship she has with her husband.

Excited, Anna soon falls into the arms of Vincent, who, after his pleasure, quickly abandons her. Anna consoles herself for a while with Sam, the brother of her fleeting lover, but, decidedly infatuated, tries to win back Vincent’s heart and body…
—Anne, a girl from Nice, arrives in Paris after a broken relationship. She finds work as a translator with the architect Vincent, a macho that overflows with charm and complacency. His wife Lou is a creature of the most perverse, whose beauty will fascinate Anna and she receives Anne in a rather bizarre way. Anne soon finds out that the couple have a rather perverse idea. Although she remains fascinated by the handsome appearance of Vincent, she falls for the advances of Sam

Alternative Title:
Lovestruck: Changing Bedmates