Chiamate 6969: taxi per signora (1982)

Director: Mario Bianchi (as Alan W. Cools)
Studio: Cinevideo 80, Filmar Compagnia Cinematografica

Starring: Enzo Andronico, Marina Hedman, Guia Lauri Filzi, Marcella Petrelli, Mark Shannon, Nino Terzo, Aldo Ralli, Pauline Teutscher, Giulio Milella, Mary Botle, Anna Gladysek, John Harrison, Rick Miller, Marianne Remont.

Alternate Titles
Chiamate 6969 taxi per signora
Der Geile Taxi-Ficker West Germany
Llame 6969: taxi para señora 1982 Spain
Marina la pornoviziosa could be interpreted as an alternative title as it appears in larger font size on a video cover above “Chiamate 6969 taxi per signora” but it could also be just advertising the presence of Marina Hedman in the cast
Das Sextaxi – Taxifahrer Report 1983 West Germany, Schier Film, Action Video, 80 mins.