La sfida erotica (1986)

Alternate Titles
Die supergeilen Zwillinge

This is a very rare relic from 80’s italian XXX, and it is also a masterpiece in inept cinematography and deceit… The movie features two italian mature pornstars: veteran Marina Frajese (aka Marina Lotar) and relatively newcomer Paola Senatore. Both of them were discovered by cerebrated sleaze and hardcore guru Joe D’Amato, and this movie is about an erotic (well… porno!) challenge between them, two womed deeply in love with the same man. But, wait! I’m not really sure if they ever meet each other, but in this movie there is not a single scene where they are together in the same shot. Even beloved Ed Wood couldn’t have done it better…. in fact “La Sfida Erotica” was done by editing and joining leftovers from a couple of different flicks, bound together by offscreen narration. It culminates in an hilarious orgy sequence where everyone involved -like in a fashion defile’- presents himself walking on a stage filled with smoke and backlights caressing his crotch. Here the two female contenders finally meets but…. they are masked! Lots of out of focus shots, bad lighting, bad acting, senseless mumbling, unrelated scene editing and unerotic sex action.
Interesting 80’s soundtrack music that varies from sleazy pop to hammond funk, to creepy, dark atmospheres (during an orgy scene a dog can be heard howling!).

Cecilia Paloma uncredited
Herito Leine uncredited
Ivana Saul
Marina Hedman as Marina Lotar
Marisa Costa uncredited
Paola Senatore
Verónica Arechavaleta as?

Notes:a mix of Marina Frajese unreleased scenes and scenes from Non stop – Sempre buio in sala with Paola Senatore