Les garces (Love-Hungry Girls) (1973)

A badly dubbed 70s Euro softcore ‘thriller’. Clumsy dialogue, clumsy sex, clumsy plot, clumsy… well, everything! Neither deadly nor arousing but definitely some laughs to be had at its expense. Everything else this movie is pretty rare and there’s not much information about it on the internet. I picked up the UK pre-cert VHS from one of my video dealers a few weeks back and very quickly sold it again to another collector as it’s apparently a pretty sought-after title.Released 3 times by Active Video Ltd on VHS back in the pre-Video Nasty days (twice as LHG, once as DWA) this is an English dubbed version of an original French movie called Les Garces (The Bitches). It was originally passed with cuts by the BBFC for theatrical (porno theatre) release in 1982 and given an X certificate. However, despite the BBFC certificate screen appearing at the start of the tape, this appears to be the fully uncut 82 minute version. It was later released by the adult video dealer Sheptonhurst Ltd as Sex Hungry Girls in the late 80s and given an 18 certificate, but still seemingly cut by a couple of minutes.