Hanna D. – La ragazza del Vondel Park (1984)

From Trash Online:
From the maker of WEREWOLF WOMAN comes this Italian exploitation masterpiece. Uli Edel’s CHRISTIANE F is kiddie stuff when compared to Rino Di Silvestro’s HANNA D. This is really hard to beat when it comes to sleaze with explicit scenes of nudity, sex and drug-abuse! Who could possibly forget the scene where a drug fix exits a girl’s body through her anal? Editor Bruno Mattei contributes the maximum to the making of a sick classic! The presence of Mattei’s regular collaborators make this look and feel like a Mattei film! Also featuring Karin Schubert right before she switched to porn! We proudly present the fully uncut and widescreen version of HANNA D. No fan of exploitation cinema should miss this!

Hanna is a girl completely abandoned to herself, is not at all inhibited sexually, and is attracted to the attention of unscrupulous people like Miguel, who takes advantage of Hanna, turning her to prostitution to obtain her drug fix.
Until she meets Alex, a young man with a sincere affection for Hanna.

Karin Schubert

Actors: Karin Schubert