Rio Babilônia (1983)

Director: Neville de Almeida
Studio: Cineville Producoes Cinematograficas, Embrafilme, Ponto Filmes

Starring: Ovidio Abreu, Pedro Aguinaga, Tamur Aimara, Arminda Amorim, Paulo Angel, Marcelo Arruda, Joel Barcellos, Norma Bengell, Tania Boscoli, Pat Cleveland, Denise Dumont, Jardel Filho, Jorge Laffond, Paolette, Antonio Pitanga, Raimundo Reis, Ana Lucia Sette, Christiane Torloni, Paulo Villaca, Marcus Vinicius, Ezequiel Neves.

Description: Public relations man is invited to guide American millionaire during his stay in Rio de Janeiro. In this course, he gets involved in the most bizarre situations, from orgiastic mega-parties and sexy menages-a-trois to confrontations with the police, meetings with drug dealers and movie stars, facing corruption and even murder
“Rio Babilônia” has it all. Wild sex, drugs, violence and all the sleaze you could have asked for. A Brazilian cult movie with some of the most beautiful Brazilian actresses of the 80’s exposing themselves with no shame. The pool scene, in which Denise Dumont, Pedro Aguinaga and Joel Barcellos have sex in the pool of a mansion during dawn, became one of the best known – and commented – of Brazilian cinema. Many years later the actress confessed that she broke up with her then husband because of that scene.

Actors: Denise Dumont