Mädchen beim Frauenarzt (Girls at the Gynecologist) (1971)

Could there be a more bizarre setting for a Report film than the workaday case log of a German gynecologist in the 70s?  Not if Ernst Hofbauer has anything to say about it!  From the lives of parents trying to understand how their daughters have developed strange fevers (“It’s the clap, doc!”) and frigid girls that are dealing with trauma, all will be exposed.

And that isn’t all…gents, if you have no experience with the inner workings of the ladies in your life, this film can change that.  Not sure it is a plus really, but interesting nevertheless!  I highly recommend this film for Reporters.

Mädchen beim Frauenarzt, aka Teenage Sex Report, part of an incredibly popular subgenre of films purporting to inform moviegoers about the sex practices of co-eds. Helmed mainly by Austrian director Ernst Hofbauer, the series of more than thirty films included thirteen entries in the famed Schulmädchen-Report franchise. Mädchen beim Frauenarzt stars Monika Dahlberg, Christine Schuberth, Brigitte Harrer, Evelyne Traeger and numerous others, and what mostly happens is pretty frauen go to a gynecologist, strip and climb into the stirrups, then we learn in flashback what problems preceded their visits. The girls are presented as studies, complete with superimposed text reading things like “The Case of Ulrike (20),” but even with its medical pretensions Mädchen beim Frauenarzt is a garden-variety 1970s muff-fest. We support muff-fests. We’re friends of muff-fests.