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Grafenberg Girls Go Fishing (1987)

After rewarding the mayor’s messengers, the Safe Sex Negotiation Institute hires the unsafe Romper Voyages. Bringing spermicide, Tanya Fox seduces the older captain with his helper joining, as the other women seduce the sailors.

  • Scene 1. Elle Rio, Tracey Adams, Danny Ray
  • Scene 2. Dana Dylan, Lisa Melendez, Tanya Foxx
  • Scene 3. Elle Rio, Danny Ray
  • Scene 4. Dana Dylan, Elle Rio, Lisa Melendez, Tanya Foxx, Tracey Adams, Buddy Love
  • Scene 5. Tanya Foxx, John Leslie
  • Scene 6. Tanya Foxx, Joey Silvera, John Leslie
  • Scene 7. Dana Dylan, Elle Rio, Lisa Melendez, Melissa Melendez, Tracey Adams, Buddy Love, Jon Martin, Tom Byron

Date: August 4, 2022