Vieni Avanti Cretino (1982)

Director: Luciano Salce
Studio: San Francisco Film

Starring: Lino Banfi, Franco Bracardi, Adriana Russo, Ramona Dell’Abate, Annabella Schiavone, Dada Gallotti, Nello Pazzafini, Danila Trebbi, Paolo Paoloni, Dino Cassio, Mireno Scali, Alfonso Tomas, Michela Miti, Gigi Reder, Luciana Turina, Giulio Massimini, Moana Pozzi, Francesca Viscardi.

Description: The amusing misadventures of a simpleton just released from prison, looking for a job until the very surreal ending.
Vieni avanti cretino is the masterpiece of Luciano Salice, considered the better comic flick with Lino Banfi, when you see that movie you will never stop to laugh! The film talk about the misfortune of the unlucky and unemployed Baudaffi Pasquale(Lino Banfi). Don’t forget Alfonso Thomas in his best role!! Maybe the last good product of the Italian erotic-comedy! A must see for the fan of this genre!!!

Alternative Title:
Come on Idiot