Schulmädchen-Report 10: Irgendwann fängt jede an (1976)

This chapter in the Schoolgirl Report series revolves around a “morality class” at a girls’ school, in which a number of the students’ experiences factor into the lessons to be learned.

Scene 1: The teacher relates the story of Dr. Hensel, who is faced with an investigation brought on by one of his students. Susanne Hofer (Bärbel Markus) accused him of raping her during a tutoring session, but it is revealed that she was lying because he refused to have sex with her in exchange for good grades.

Scene 2: Inga (Marianne Dupont) is obsessed with sex. Seeking sexual gratification she throws herself at a series of men, eventually winding up with some bikers, who beat and rape her. Fortunately, she is rescued by a thoughtful student, who teaches her that true gratification only happens in a caring relationship. [Note: The rape scene is deleted in some versions of the film.]

Scene 3: Kati Dietz’ (Yvonne Kerstin?) boyfriend wants to have sex with her, but she refuses to give in until he has seduced her youthful step-mother Angelika (Karin Lorson), whom she views as a competitor for her father’s affection. Ironically, once she has succeeded in ousting her step-mother and fulfilled her carnal promise to her boyfriend, he tosses her out for being a lousy lay. Even worse, her father introduces her to her next step-mother, Paula (Carina Kreisch) — one of her classmates!

Scene 4: Seffi (Alexandra Bogojevic) and boyfriend Karli want to “do it”, but cant find anywhere to commit the deed. Karli is inspired by “The Exorcist”, and convinces Seffi to act as if she is possessed while visiting her gullible aunt and uncle. He, of course, will pose as an exorcist to gain unrestricted access to her bedroom, in which the sacred ritual is performed. And he almost gets away with it!

Scene 5: Iris (Gina Janssen) is secretly making some money for her needy family as an “escort” for the wealthy Walter Harden — until they are spotted by his nephew, Franz. After Mrs. Harden squashes the affair, Iris seduces the nosey nephew, thinking he may be her next sugar daddy. Franz, however, has other plans for Iris: enrolling her in university so that she can realize a new life as his wife when she graduates.