The Passions of Carol (1975)

This is probably the best film ever made that most people have never heard of. Beginning with the haunting chords of Carol Of The Bells, this X-rated version of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol, with crazy twists, great use of colors and music, and awesome camera work. Mary Stuart (appropriately billed as Merrie Holiday) plays Carol Scrooge, female tyrant of Biva magazine and a sexual slave driver extraordinaire. It is very entertaining and it was Shaun Costello’s first screenplay, and many fans/historians say that this film is their all time favorite.

  • Scene 1. Day Jason, Mary Stuart, Sonny Landham
  • Scene 2. Mary Stuart, Marc Stevens
  • Scene 3. Mary Stuart, Susan Sloan, Alan Marlow
  • Scene 4. Kim Pope, Jamie Gillis
  • Scene 5. Mary Stuart, Ashley Moore