Eu Te Amo (1981)

A wealthy Brazilian, Paulo (Paulo César Peréio), failed industrialist, has just been abandoned by his beautiful blonde wife Barbara (Vera Fischer) who ran away with another man. Reveling in self-pity, he leaves his penthouse in search of liquor. In a bar he witnesses a relational quarrel and after the disturbance he asks the woman Maria (Sonia Braga) to go home. She pretends to be a whore- in fact she had a homosexual lover who gave no value to her. And a brazen sexual affair starts. The couple use each other to satisfy their sexual desires and to avoid their loneliness. However, they are not at all in love. Over time as their relationship continues, they begin to realize that they are in fact falling for each other.

Main Cast:
Sônia Braga … Maria (as Sonia Braga)
Paulo César Peréio … Paulo (as Paulo Cesar Pereio)
Vera Fischer … Barbara
Tarcísio Meira … Ulisses (as Tarcisio Meira)
Regina Casé … Mulher de Valdir
Vera Abelha … Barbara
Maria Lúcia Dahl … Mulher de Ulisses
Marcus Vinícius … (as Marcus Vinicius)
Flávio São Thiago … Valdir
Maria Sílvia … (as Maria Silvia)
Sandro Solviatti … Taxista (as Sandro Soviatt)
Guará Rodrigues … Atendente do necrotério (as Guaraci Rodrigues)