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Essas Deliciosas Mulheres (1979)

Jorge, owner of a successful photo studio, meets Cristina on a business trip to Campos do Jordão. Despite their mutual attraction, they only meet again in São Paulo by chance. She accepts to have dinner with him but refuses a drink in his apartment. Impressed by the girl, Jorge invites her to fly to Bahia in his private plane, but she promises to meet him there in Salvador because she is afraid of small planes. In Bahia Cristina thinks that Jorge dates Angela, daughter of his photographic commercial director. Running away from Jorge, she meets Paulo, a painter, who invites her to Rio de Janeiro. Jorge is unsettled with Cristina’s disappearance. The definitive reunion will take place in São Paulo, when, going to the airport, Jorge is overtaken by Cristina’s car. He reaches her and, after the necessary explanations, they happily fly over the city in Jorge’s small plane.

Main Cast:
Gloria Cristal
Claudio D’Oliani
Zélia Diniz
André Filho
Ana Grimaldi
Claudete Joubert
Ana Maria Kreisler … Cristina
Ruy Leal
Felipe Levy
Paulo Ramos … Jorge
Mii Saki … Massage Girl