Erotiki ekstasi (1981)

Alternate Titles
Love Ecstasy 1982 France, Movie¹s Video, hard version, 84 mins.
Love Lust and Ecstasy

Ajita Wilson plays Sara
Mireille Damien plays Theresa, secretary
Nadia Danezi

An older businessman has a nice villa with swimming pool on the Greek island of Corfu. He has crashed his boat on a rock and is in a Swiss clinic. His wife Sara resides in the villa together with his secretary, Theresa, and Sara’s painter, Alexis. Sara is having an affair with Alexis and he is in love with her. Theresa wants to have sex with Alexis and tries to seduce him; she succeeds, but he doesn’t love her – there are some jealousy scenes between the three. Meanwhile the guy in Switzerland has hired a private eye who takes photographs of Sara having sex with Alexis. He blackmails her and wants money and sex from her. Theresa kills Sara by accident. She tries to escape together with Alexis, but the clever police arrive right in time!

The guys in this movie are not much good; they have small dicks and they hardly get a hard-on, at least not when Ajita is involved. Mireille Damien does her best to act well and to give good sex performances. At least she can get Alexis to have a good hard-on. The softcore version might even be more interesting, since the hardcore is not in sync with the psychological storyline. Ajita Wilson is not good as a hardcore actress – only one brief penetration scene. We see scenes of horses coupling mixed with sex-scenes of the protagonists. Included are bj, f/f, cowgirl, but mostly straight (poor) sex and masturbation (alone or with others).

Actors: Ajita Wilson