El erótico enmascarado (1980)

Review from IMDB:
If I had to pick a movie from Ozores, this would be the one.
This is the time where the hugest ammount of nudity appears on his films and it is accompained by an over-the-top Fernando Esteso giving the performance of his life.
The story itself is great: Esteso is a porn actor who no longer has any attraction towards women, having become “a decent man”. But, of course, there is a horny doctor, who happens to be a fan of this actor, that will do everything to help him, even trying to turn him on with his own wife.
The film knows no limits or shame and, at his very end, it even plagiarises a scen from Russ Meyer´s “Up!”. But all its images refuse to leave the viewer´s mind. Specially those shot a the female basketball team dressing room where Esteso´s girlfriend undresses to turn him on and nothing happens. Then, the rest of the girls appear and he has to hide in the shower with his grilfriend. While the rest of the girls get undressed he watches them and mutters: “Nothing. It is as if I am seeing the Real Madrid players naked”. Then, kneeling as he is, he looks at a certain part of his girlfriend anathomy and closes the scene by saying “Why am I now thinking of Allatolah Jomeini?”.
Match that.

Cast: Antonio Ozores, África Pratt, María Salerno, Azucena Hernández, Juanito Navarro, María Isbert, Adrián Ortega, Chus Lampreave, Irene Foster, Teresa Herrera