Daddy’s Little Girl (1976)

1976’s Daddy’s Little Girl explores the taboo of sex between Fathers and their Daughters. When Laura’s Father arrives home, Laura’s young friend Gilda tells her Father that she helps out her Dad and would like to help him too. Gilda procedes to satisfy Laura’s Father with her orifices. Later, Guilda takes the young virgin Laura to her Dad’s shop to have a party and show her how to satisfy a man, using the mechanic on hand for the demonstration. Laura’s Father is having trouble coping with sexual thoughts of his beautiful Daughter, so he goes to see a therapist. The therapist tells him he needs to try to restrain these feelings as much as possible and let them out elsewhere. She procedes to give Laura’s Father a special therapy session to ease his tension. Both Laura and her Father continue to have sexual thoughts about each other. One night Dad enters Laura’s room and Laura starts showing Daddy all the tricks that Gilda has taught her.